Who are we?

Cosgrove Estates is a cherished haven of park estates. Lovingly owned and managed by three generations of a remarkable family, united under the delightful banner of Cosgrove Leisure Parks. For countless years, we have delighted in crafting businesses that range from cosy family retreats to magnificent corporate holiday resorts and Residential Parks throughout the South East of England. 

As a family-run enterprise, we pour our hearts into providing a comprehensive array of Residential and Holiday Parks, held to the utmost standards of excellence. Guided by timeless family values and collaborating with industry experts, we continuously strive to enhance every facet of our daily operations. The enduring success of Cosgrove Leisure Parks in owning and managing Residential and Holiday Parks in the UK is a testament to our unwavering dedication.

Throughout our journey, Cosgrove Leisure Parks UK has flourished by never compromising our core values, respect, or commitment to unparalleled customer service. Our cherished guests deeply treasure our hands-on approach, evoking a profound sense of pride as they immerse themselves in the warm embrace of our parks. With each passing day, our ever-expanding company eagerly evolves, driven to meet and exceed the unique desires of our cherished residents, embracing change and improving every aspect of park living.

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