The benefits of Holiday Home Ownership in the UK

Buying a holiday home is a significant investment, but we believe the benefits of having your own bolt-hole will make it even more worthwhile. Around 800,000 people own holiday homes in the UK with around 66,000 of these owning multiple holiday homes. If you wish to become a holiday homeowner, here are some of the top benefits of UK holiday home ownership:

A Forever Holiday 

Gone are the days of planning that one-week holiday during the summer break, hoping that the accommodation will meet your expectations and offer enough activities for the family to keep them occupied.

There are plenty of activities that you can engage your children in. You can walk around in beautiful parks or visit nearby historic sites whenever you feel like it and as frequently as you want, whether it is for a quick weekend getaway or a long summer vacation. With no hidden charges, you can come and go whenever you please, and not have to book ahead of time.

Having private access to your holiday home means more breaks and more quality time with your family in a sanctuary you are all too well familiar with.

A place to call ‘home’ away from home

Hotels and holiday rentals may be fantastic, but there is always something you would modify to make it seem more like home if you could. You may have everything you want in your vacation home, from your favourite linen bed sheets to the images on the walls, if you own it. Furthermore, since it will be your home, you can leave your belongings behind for your next visit, allowing you to travel lightly anytime you like.

No more towing 

The best thing about owning your own holiday home is that you will not have to tow or haul the caravan around. While a standard caravan allows you the opportunity to go to new places, having to carry it around with you can be difficult, especially over long miles or on narrower, smaller roads.

Having your own holiday home gives you all the advantages of owning a normal caravan, such as having a home away from home. There is no need to stock everything up after every trip or reserve extra facilities or sites because you have everything you require in one spot, ready to go. Could it be any easier? 


Modern holiday homes, such as those found in parks, are of high construction quality and require very little maintenance, allowing you to focus on enjoying your break and making memories with your family. The estimated maintenance cost of a holiday home can range from £15 to £25 an hour. 

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about high maintenance costs because the park staff will ensure that everything around the home is in good working order. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family will be in a safe environment.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a holiday home means joining a pleasant and welcoming community of like-minded people. For more information, please get in touch with Cosgrove Estates

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